What's it all About 

"Art is a way of life for me and life is an art in itself."  The true value of any piece of art is the special relationship you as an individual develop with the creation you have chosen and the artist who created the work. 


Each piece of art Aimee creates reflects her ability to capture a harmonious balance connecting fortuitous experimentation, intellectual exploration and spiritual wisdom with her innate sense of design.  Flexibility during the creative process allows for a natural spontaneity and rhythm to the flow of her artwork.


Aimee's exclusive creations express her perceptive eye for detail and dedication to quality craftsmanship.  She is a highly skilled and unique artist that expresses her talent through the diverse mediums she utilizes.


Please visit on 2nd Saturdays for Open Studio in Portland, Oregon.  Also available daily by appointment.  Please feel free to contact Aimee for custom orders and with any other worthy exchange.


Thank you for visiting and may you be filled with inspiration and beauty in all aspects of your life.

Aimee J Mattila Art Studio

Civilian Studios #6, 2210 N Lewis Ave.

Portland, OR 97227


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